COLORSCREEN® Fencing including fencing, gates and security.

Blending with nature

COLORSCREEN® fencing is manufactured in New Zealand from COLORSTEEL®, a proven product of New Zealand Steel. COLORSCREEN® fencing is available in a choice of colours specially selected to blend in with the environment. The finished fence is very pleasing to the eye and brings to you the long lasting, low maintenance features that are associated with COLORSTEEL®.

COLORSCREEN® boundary fencing is available in standard heights 0.9m, 1.2m, 1.5m, 1.8m & 2.0m. The height is measured from the top of the rail to ground level, allowing 60mm gap below the bottom rail to enable the drain holes to operate.

We know that time is money and leisure time is hard to come by, so it makes perfect sense to fence with COLORSTEEL®. The low maintenance and long lasting properties of COLORSTEEL® save hours of back breaking labour over a period of time. MODULINE® fencing complements all the other low maintenance building materials we use around our homes to improve the quality of our lifestyles.


Pedestrian and Driveway Gates are available to match your COLORSCREEN® fence. Gates can also be supplied in in the same style as MODULINE® POOLSIDE fencing. These see-through gates are very popular and are designed to complement your COLORSCREEN® fence. The maximum opening for double driveway gates is 4.0 metres. Gates wider than 1.55 metres are supplied with an aluminium welded frame for lightweight strength.

Security and Safety

The framed modular panel design system means that there are no intermediate rails, no foot holds or gaps, helping to keep your children and pets in, and intruders and animals out.

Managing Contours

COLORSCREEN® fencing easily follows the contour of sloped properties. The unique design feature allows the posts and panels to remain vertical but the rails follow the ground slope which means that there are no large gaps under the fence to allow animals to get in or out. The standard fence panels can rack up to a 300mm fall in 2.4 metres. Steeper slopes can be accommodated with on site trimming.


Resistant to wind and weather. Advanced technology baked paint finished. High tensile steel components galvanised or ZINCALUME® protected against corrosion. Won’t warp, twist or rot, nor will the paint crack, chip and peel. Specially designed for New Zealand conditions.

There are no unsightly intermediate rails with a COLORSCREEN® fence. The uniform appearance on either side means that both neighbours are happy.

Trellis top fencing, where normally the top 300mm of the fence is trellis, is an attractive alternative for your garden setting. Trellis is made from vinyl with a range of colors (not all the same as Colorscreen colors).

The COLORSCREEN® fencing system of interlocking panels means that there are no gaps in the fence for prying eyes. At 1.2 metres high or greater, this fence will comply with the Pool Fencing Act.

Environmentally friendly, COLORSCREEN® fencing protects and shelters precious plants, acting as a perfect backdrop to enhance the natural beauty of your garden.

Why Moduline Fencing?

Moduline Fencing Examples

Made from New Zealand Steel’s COLORSTEEL®, our products are designed to withstand New Zealand’s severe conditions and provide a low maintenance fencing solution. All three types of fencing are sold in kitset form for DIY installation.

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