Poolside FAQs

Why is the gate latch post 1.5 metres high?

The swimming pool fencing regulations require the latch to be 1.50 metres above ground and Moduline believe the post should be level with the latch

How do I cope with climb points that make the standard fence too low?

Taller panels are available to allow 1.20 metres above the climb point

Which way do pool gates open?

Gates must open away from the pool

Is the Magna latch key lockable?

Yes, the Magna latch set comes with two keys

What is the difference between Colorsteel and Powdercoated?

Colorsteel is a baked paint system that is applied to the zincalume base by NZ Steel. Powdercoating is a powder that is applied to galvanised steel. Both are quality finishes but Colorsteel has superior corrosion resistance particularly near the sea or a salty pool.

What is the minimum fence height for a swimming pool fence?

1.20 metres above ground

Can Poolside fencing be used as a balustrade or barrier?

Yes, but the design criteria are different and it is essential to discuss with Moduline any balustrades or barriers with a drop of over 1.0 metre

What is heavy duty Poolside fencing?

Heavy duty pool fencing looks identical to our standard domestic product but the vertical bars are made from a heavier welded tube. It is used whenever higher panels are required, or when the fence is used for a childcare centre, or for a front fence that has a need for greater strength

What is the difference between kitset and pre-assembled?

Kitset panels have all components separated and require an assembly operation. They are much easier to freight resulting in less damage when transporting. Pre assembled pool fence panels are sold only in Auckland where Moduline delivers with its own trucks.

Is assembling the panels difficult?

No – the skills required are to be an average handyman and to be able to read instructions

Is installation difficult?

Installation of assembled panels is very simple

Are there any restrictions for using galvanised pool fencing panels?

If the fence is near the sea or close to a salty pool it is advisable to have the fence in one of Moduline’s standards colours.

Colorscreen FAQs

Is the fence the same on both sides?

Both sides are prime painted sides, one has ribs and the other has valleys. Most customers prefer the rib side.

What do I do in high wind areas?

For high wind areas the post centres are shortened. Make sure Moduline is aware that you live in a high wind area

What is the trellis top fence made of?

The trellis is vinyl. Other infills such as timber trellis can be fitted

Are there any sharp edges on the panels?

The panels interlock so there are no sharp edges

How does it compare with timber?

Colorscreen is priced about the same as a medium quality wooden fence, but if you add the cost of painting the wood then Colorscreen becomes better value. As well as that Colorscreen will not need repainting for 15 years.

All FAQs

How do I cope with sloping ground?

Both Colorscreen and Poolside can be racked to follow sloping ground up to 8 degrees. Slopes above that are simple to achieve with small changes to the installation methods

Can it be stepped as well as sloping?

Either stepping or sloping is possible but speak to Moduline first if your fence is for pool safety

What are the maintenance requirements?

The same as your car or house. For best paint life regular washing to remove grime or salt spray is advised.

Can the fence be bolted down to timber or concrete?

Bolting down is no problem. Discuss the technical side with Moduline first

How do I deal with shorter panels if my fence is an odd length?

For Colorscreen the posts for the last panel are installed and the rail cut to length with a hacksaw. The duopanel infill is trimmed with a cheap carbide scoring tool.
For Poolside it is the same except the shorter panel is assembled before installation

Is installation difficult?

No – the skills required are to be an average handyman and to be able to read instructions

What is the warranty?

The Colorsteel paint should last at least 15 years but different areas have different corrosion problems. Different fence components also have different life spans. If you require a specific warranty Moduline will tailor it to your situation.

Where is the fence made?

The fence is produced at our factory with 99.9% being made from New Zealand products

How long has Moduline been in business?

We have been manufacturing since 1983 and can still supply replacement parts for fences that were installed then

What happens to water in the bottom rail?

There are 2 ways for water to escape – one is through drain holes in the bottom rail, and the other is through the gap between the end of the rail and the post

Will the colours fade?

The colours will fade but our experience shows us that the rate at which Colorsteel fades is less than most paint systems

Can I repaint the fence sometime in the future?

Repainting can be done. It is best to discuss this with a reputable paint supplier.

Can the fence be used as an infill between columns?

Both Colorscreen and Poolside make excellent infill panels

Is an installation service available?

In Auckland we have our own contractors available. Outside Auckland we have a list of independent installers.

Will it rust?

The fence is produced from steel that is either galvanised or zincalumed giving a very long life before any rust occurs

What happens to the cut edges?

The cut edges are protected by the zinc coating on either side of the steel. It is very important not to use an angle grinder or abrasive disc for cutting as these burn back the galvanising from the cut edge.

What if I am close to the beach?

Discuss this with Moduline as different products can be used near the beach

How do I remove graffiti?

Standard graffiti removal products available from hardware stores, work well on Colorsteel. It is much easier to remove graffiti from the steel than from rough sawn timber or concrete

Can the bottom rail touch the ground?

We recommend a gap underneath to allow water to drain away

How deep are the post holes in the ground?

Holes are 600mm deep and 200mm diameter for standard soil conditions

Can a panel be a different height at each end to effect a change in fence height?

For a Colorscreen fence sloping panels can be made with by trimming the tops of the individual “Duopanels” with tin snips. For Poolside fences sloping panels are achievable but are more difficult to assemble

How do I cope with changes of direction including a right angle?

The fence panels can be joined at any angle. If the fence panels are at 90 degrees some people prefer a 50mm square post for visual reasons or for ease of construction on decks

What basic tools do I require for installation?
  • A variable speed electric or battery drill and a Phillips No. 2 screwdriver bit.
  • A good level (Stanley magnetic levels are excellent and cost about $14.00 from hardware stores)
  • A string line and tape measure
  • A hacksaw and tin snips
  • A set of vice grips

Why Moduline Fencing?

Moduline Fencing Examples

Made from New Zealand Steel’s COLORSTEEL®, our products are designed to withstand New Zealand’s severe conditions and provide a low maintenance fencing solution. All three types of fencing are sold in kitset form for DIY installation.

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