POOLSIDE™ Fencing including fencing, gates and security, boundary fencing

Peace of mind

Designing your fence layout around the pool paving or through nearby gardens can be exciting especially with the flexibility of POOLSIDE™ fencing.

Moduline POOLSIDE™ Fencing has been specifically designed to comply with the New Zealand Pool Fencing Act when installed correctly.

Remember these key design factors

  • All pool gates must open away from the pool, there can be no gaps under the fence or gates greater than 100mm and the top of the fence must be 1200mm away from the top of any climbable object such as a retaining wall or planter box.
  • Fencing must be a minimum of 1200 high but MODULINE® do make taller panels if required to help overcome climb point problems. If you have a difficult site, be sure to discuss your design with your Council Inspector

Always in style
The square profile of the vertical bars and rails of POOLSIDE™ fencing gives the fence a timeless look that will not date your property.

Flexible design
POOLSIDE™ fencing looks great beside the pool or be as creative as you wish and blend the fence into your garden setting.

Childcare/Kindergarten Fencing

Heavy duty POOLSIDE™ fencing is the ideal choice for childcare situations. The fence looks identical to the standard fence but the vertical bars are designed to withstand the rigours of children at play.

Attractive boundary fencing
Heavy duty POOLSIDE™ fencing is very popular for front boundaries. The extra cost of strengthening the vertical bars gives that added protection against rough treatment. Taller heights are available to keep animals in or out.

Challenging contours
The ability of a standard panel of POOLSIDE™ fencing to rake and follow the natural ground contours of your section at no extra cost, is one major advantage over other fencing products. This unique design feature means that your fence will always comply with the maximum allowable gap under the fence of 100mm. The fence can also be easily adapted to follow the slope of steps.


POOLSIDE™ fencing is supplied in kitset complete with posts, rails, vertical bars, Tek screws and caps. You will also need a variable speed drill and a good level.

Once the kitset panels have been assembled to suit your plan, simply dig 600mm holes at the correct centres, and join panels together back to back. The self tapping Tek screws make this operation easy.

In the Auckland area the panels are supplied preassembled. It is better to make the last panel oversize and trim to width on site.

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We all know, time is money and leisure time is extremely valuable so it certainly makes sense to have a POOLSIDE™ fence made from COLORSTEEL®. The low maintenance and long lasting properties of COLORSTEEL® save hours of back breaking labour over a period of time. MODULINE® fencing complements all the other low maintenance building materials we use around our homes to improve the quality of our lifestyles. A wash every six months removes damaging salts and maintains the good looks of your POOLSIDE™ fence. Use of a capful of liquid wax in the washing water if the pool is a “salty’ or the fence is located in coastal conditions.

Check gate return and latching on a regular basis and adjust when necessary.

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Why Moduline Fencing?

Moduline Fencing Examples

Made from New Zealand Steel’s COLORSTEEL®, our products are designed to withstand New Zealand’s severe conditions and provide a low maintenance fencing solution. All three types of fencing are sold in kitset form for DIY installation.

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