Whether you’re looking to install a fence for your boundary, swimming pool, or a barrier from falling on your retaining wall, we have a range of high quality fencing to suit your needs. Most of our fencing is made from NZ Steel’s Colorsteel which is a well known and trusted product of New Zealand. The remainder is galvanised and powdercoated.

Our Poolside fencing is certified as meeting Building Act 2004 Clause F9 – Restricting access to residential pool. You need to ensure your site is meeting the compliance standards as set out in the act.

We can help you select the right fence for your pool and property type, with several different colour options in Colorsteel colours to choose from, or you can have your fence powder coated to the colour of your choice to match your exterior design needs.

Our poolside fencing doesn’t have to be around a pool, it can be used as a boundary fencing or just to fence in a smaller area to keep children or pets safe.

Standard Poolside fencing with 19mm square vertical bars comes in 2.42 metre long panels and is 1.2 high over the horizontal rails which makes it compliant with the NZ building requirements. Heavy duty Poolside fencing is available for higher panels where there is a climb point or where extra security requires a stronger panel. We manufacture a standard pool safety gate which comes with the gate posts and all hardware. Gates can be made to order if you require different sizes.

For extra privacy consider Colorscreen fencing, it’s a great option for boundary fencing or poolside fencing where a visual or wind block is needed. Colorscreen fencing with solid infill panels come in a range of heights from 0.90, 1.2, 1.5, 1.8 and 2.0 metres. It is an ideal match to go with poolside fencing and provides that extra bit of privacy. The panels can be made smaller when installing. We can also make gates to match the fence to your specified requirements.

Barrier from Falling Fencing is required where there is a drop of over one metre from a retaining wall, and is available in either the poolside or colorscreen style. Our Barrier fencing comes in a range of lengths and heights depending on where you want to use it and your permit conditions. We have over 42 producer statements (PS1) online for different installation options and it is fully compliant with the building act providing the barrier fencing is installed as specified on the relevant PS1.

Why Moduline Fencing?

Moduline Fencing Examples

Made from New Zealand Steel’s COLORSTEEL®, our products are designed to withstand New Zealand’s severe conditions and provide a low maintenance fencing solution. All three types of fencing are sold in kitset form for DIY installation.

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